Home Sweet Home in Oracle

Our mission is to return organic ‘waste’ to the soil food web using worms, a process known as VERMICOMPOSTING.  We envision vermicomposting as an important step to reaching Zero Organic Waste.  A great place to start is right in our own homes, community, and region.

We partner with restaurants and friends, taking kitchen scraps and feeding them to our earthworms who produce a beautiful, full-of-life soil amendment called vermicast. Why not contact us about scheduling a fun, hands-on wormshop, where you’ll learn all about earthworms, garbage, and vermicomposting?


Red wigglers – the great composters

We are happy to work with schools and other institutions to start larger-scale organic waste recycling programs. In addition, we offer support services for all of our vermicomposting systems, such as harvesting and system tune-ups.

Our worm display at the Farmer’s Market

Visit us any Sunday at the Tucson Rillito Park Heirloom Farmer’s Market  just south of River Rd. off of First Ave., 8 am – 12 noon, where we have worm composting systems on display and worm compost for sale. We also sell vegetable and herb plants for your garden, all grown here and grown organically.  If you want to buy worms, please order them by Sunday for delivery to the Farmer’s Market the following Sunday.

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